Attacks on the members of the Evangelical Church of Yerevan after Archimandrite Komitas’s statements

  • 14/09/2013


Archimandrite Komitas Hovnanyan | Pastor Levon Bardakjian

In the press conference held by “Armenpress” news agensy on September 9 the General Supervisor and Director of the “Hayordats Tner” Organization of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archimandrite Komitas Hovnanyan announced that there are more than 215 cults functioning in Armenia which are political organizations.

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Archimandrite Komitas also claimed that the “cults” receive annual funding of half billion dollars and have the aim to destroy the State of Armenia. He addressed the government suggesting them to develop a plan that will protect national interests, without which it will be impossible to unite the nation for the fight against destructive cults. This press conference received large mass media coverage.
On September 11, 2013, at around 02:25 PM a young man intruded the Evangelical Church of Yerevan located on V.Vagharshyan St., 12 Building and without consent barged into the office of the Church Pastor, Rev./Dr Levon Bardakjian.
In the following we present the story of Dr Levon Levon Bardakjian, that he told to site.
The Pastor’s office is divided into three sections, and before the receptionist managed to stop him, the above mentioned young man was already in the last section. He had a knife with marks of blood in his hand, which is overall 39 cm and has a 29 cm long blade. Seeing the receptionist he started waving the knife and consistently asking: “Where is the Reverend, where is he? …Call him and ask him to come… Tell me his place I will go myself…”
Being scared and horrified, the receptionist though persuaded him to get out of the office. In the corridor the man continued to insist on immediately seeing Reverent Bardakjian. The existence of the knife and immediate danger shocked the church workers. Merely by chance, neither the Pastor nor his daughter (who had left the office just an hour ago and returned some minutes after the incident) was not in the office.
Our first concern is that this was an intentional act against the church leader. Another concern is the article published on line by the information provided by the RA police. The facts in this article do not correspond to the reality (
On September 13, 2013 at around 08:45, a Syrian-Armenian, Judy Mussah who is the secretary of Levon Bardakjian the Pastor of Evangelical Church of Yerevan, was attacked at Ulnetsi Street in Qanaqer-Zeytun district. Three, about 25-30 year old unknown to Judy men attacked her asking twice whether she is Levon Bardakjian’s employee. To Judy’s question who they are and what they want, they introduced themselves as policemen and forced her to go with them in their car. Judy required them to show Identification Cards that proves them being policemen, however they didn’t do so. Judy told them that whoever they were to be they had no right to treat her that way and if there was the need she could have accompanied them in an adequate manner. The unknown men continued forcing her to sit with them in their NIVA car (Number: Vaz 2121) by pulling her hair and arms. Judy was able to hit one of those men with her handbag and managed to run away towards the bus station, take a taxi and leave the place. Seeing the bus station crowded, the offenders left the scene. Right after the incident Judy informed Levon Bardakajian’s assistant about the happening and L. Bardakjian immediately contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs which in its turn informed Qanaqer-Zeytun District Police.
We believe that the incident of the September 13th was interlinked with what had happened on the September 11th, the murder attempt by a young man against Levon Bardakjian. Judy Mussa, being the witness of this incident had reported to the Police in Arabkir Distinct where she provided her residential address and according to our understanding, only these policemen could follow her by visiting her residence.
At the Arabkir Police Station, to Pastor Bardakjian’s question whether those three men were really related to the Police, the answer was that they didn’t know and had to find it out.
Our concern is that in both Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Police Departments the reports miss the following important points:
1. The young man entered The Evangelical Church of Yerevan with the determination to find Reverend Levon Bardakjian.
2. The three men that attacked Judy asked whether she is Levon Brdakjian’s employee.